July 24th, 2009 by hauntingyou

I’m going to be camping for the next month or so. I’m excited, and terrified. I’m excited because I get to see my only friend for the first time in months. And I get to meet other kids from other countries. But I’m terrified because of my anxiety, sleeping issues, fears, and problems. I’m afraid of showing to much of my body. And that is a huge problem because we shower in the same room (not the same shower). And the bathroom stalls are so small it’s impossible to change in them. I HATE changing in front of people, even if their girls. I’m also terrified because there are alot of people at the camp. There are 265 girls and 67 counselors. That equals 332 people, if my math is correct. And I have horrible social anxiety, to make it worse. I hate being in places where there are alot of people. The only big places I’ve been to in my 13 years of existence are New York City and Boston. Both are big cities, but I didn’t even travel through the whole city. So, me going to camp is a good experience, even though I’ve been there 3 other times. But I think that it’s actually more terrifying. If you really think about it. But…………at least my cousin won’t be there.

P.S Sorry if I sound like I’m over reacting or anything. And sorry for wasting your time.

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