death or life?

  August 31st, 2009 by liveinlight

razors pain you ,rivers are damp, acids stain you ,drugs cause cramps ,guns arnt lawful, nooses give, gas smells awful ,you might as well LIVE .     Thats  what i tell myself . the suffering makes us stronger . sometimes nothing can make it better. GOD sees whats been done to us . He saves our tears in heaven. there are things that we are not to understand . try as we might. quiet cool breeze . the sun on our skin. the glistening of the morning dew. the smile of a child. the clouds in the sky . makes the pain go drifting by .dwell as we might on our horrible life somtimes we must stay alive an fight .unhappily we see this world for what it is ,cruel ,hurtful ,rude ,emotionless .apathetic. yet our hearts are full of love empathy compassion gratitude,thats why we cry.we dont want to be apart of a rotten word filled with mean people serving their own selfish agendas. we just want to be happy again . sometimes ignorance is bliss .were to smart for our own good . to full of feeling to witness much more of this savage garden .  Thank you GOD for this day . thank you for tommorow also . iam sad ,it was a bad day I PRAY ONEDAY IT WILL GET BETTER

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