I cant take it anymore

  August 27th, 2009 by anonysuicide3

Im crying while im writing this, i dont value my life anymore, nobody likes me i feel all alone by myself and even if i try i always fail at everything, i’ve heard that im horrible and stupid and all kinds of bad things that you can imagine, i just have one single true friend and a couple more that i just feel that i cant trust, i never had a girlfriend neither i kissed anyone, i feel like im too young for suicide but i just cant take it anymore, i feel like an empty in my heart, that theres a growing pain inside me, im not fluent english so bear with me, sometimes i think that im just making a big drama but.. The pain is too big, i beg please , if theres is a god right now, i beg him to help me, im rejected always and i feel like i dont belong anywhere, when i was 3 months old i was dying already, the medics saved me but they rather just leave me to die, theres no reason to live anymore, everyday i wake up i feel dissapointed by myself, i dont deserve this, i really need to die.

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