My Gay Ex Boyfriend

  August 11th, 2009 by eagle7613


I hope that someone will be able to help me.   I feel I can’t tell anyone anything and trapped.  I had a child by a gay man.  My daughter is beautiful, and I don’t regret having her.  Now, that I see him come by the house more often it’s usually nice, but there’s one thing that is making me angry.  He has a nice boyfriend who comes over, but I see the two of them kissing in front of me.  His boyfriend used to be me kissing him, taking showers and baths with him, and going out doing things together.   You get the picture.  My self esteem has gotten so bad that I’m tired of living this way everytime my ex boyfriend and his lover come over I feel he should have left me where he found me.  I also had a bad relationship with another guy that I met through my ex boyfriend and found out his stepmother and he plotted to get me pregnant.  I feel like everyone is a bad person.  When I graduated high school, I thought about settling down and having kids.  Now, I live with my exboyfriend’s parents who have been very supportive on this bumpy road.  Any questions or comments would be helpful.  Hope comes all who need it.  Please help me.



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