September 14th, 2009 by steveagain2

Do you believe that some people aren’t put on this earth to get what they want/need? Because, lately, I believe that. I believe that certain people are put onto this earth as a warning to others, to never really get what they want and force themselves to accept what they’re given or die trying.

Example: I’m sure a lot of you know about me and my ex. I rant about it nearly everyday. What I’m sure you didn’t know what that she was depressed, too, before she met me (I’m not being egotistical, it’s the truth). She cut herself, was very closed off to everyone, etc. We met and I did my best to help her through every tiny little thing she wanted/needed hlp with. I was always there for her.

Well, after 4 years of happily doing that, she left me for someone else who knew nothing of her past. Not like I do.

Now I’m depressed. I’m going through crap and there’s nobody there to love me, to help and care and hold me.

Because I did my job, you know? That was my purpose: helping her. Maybe I have a few more similar “missions” to “accomplish” before I’m actually done but…why would I wanna do that?

I dont know, I’m just ranting now…does anyone else feel similar?

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