October 19th, 2009 by alanfagan

There s lonliness in the echo, of a distant bell s chime, the true living dead,like the halting of time. Alone in a crowd, such a slow dismal life, filled with thoughts of abandon, of terror and strife. Oh where is my path?,please show me my light, take me from this darkness, this black pitch of night. I want to be happy, i want to be loved, take away my dilemma, of being pushed ,pulled and shoved.I ve love to be offered, but accepted by whom, there are so many hearts but for me there s no room. Have i left it too late, to be sure where i m going, will this ill wind cease, the disease that its blowing. I really need friendship, a companion or two, i ve completed the legwork, i can carry it through. I just need some confidence, to be able to talk, i ll now start plan A, and go for a walk. by

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