Dead and Bloated

  October 28th, 2009 by jf79

For some reason, today that is all I can think about, that STP song Dead and Bloated.  Im not entirely sure why, today has been better than most.  I got more tattoo work done today, that is what I do instead of cutting myself, that and heavily self medicate.   I feel like I have something to write, I just don’t know what it is.   Maybe I don’t really have anything to say.   I could just be so ego driven that im sure I have something important to say…….or I could just be tired of having something to say.   Maybe there is a difference.    Maybe I think too much, and I should act more.   Actions speak louder than words is one of my favorite sayings, but Im a hypocrite.  I want to end it all, Just havent yet.  Actions speak louder than words right……so whats the problem.   We shall see.

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