maybe its not us

  October 26th, 2009 by stained

The 1st time I contemplated suicide was when I was 9yo ( sitting in a room with at least half a dozen rifles within reach), I am now 34. I don’t really want to die, & I figure that, deep down 99% of the rest of you don’t either. We just want life to be nicer, & not to be walked all over by the people who don’t get it & who seem to breeze through life without letting anything get to them.
My whole life Ive felt that there is something very wrong with the world, & as I get older, I think I’m figuring it out, but there is so much stuff that is beyond any 1 persons control.
If you look into who is really controlling the world, it becomes very clear that ‘they’ dont care about us little people, & the sooner we drop off the face of the earth the better for ‘them’, more room for the elite! ‘They’ dont care about people with mental illness, & in fact, are probably doing more to help it, rather than hinder it.
Why is it that people who really need help, will usually have to wait a long time before they can get an appointment with a psychologist, & then have to wait weeks in between appointments? So long as they can afford it also .Some people really need to speak to someone everyday!
Society has been designed to trample the weak & hurdle the dead, unless of course you can afford to pay your way through.
I don’t think the stresses of today’s living is doing anyone any favors!

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