November 20th, 2009 by CLEARMIND

Well 30 years…..i allways thought i would never make it to 30yrs. old well i did maybe i was not supposed to make it past 30 cause shortly after i finish this i will be gone.sorry cant go into it further my girlfriend wants me to get off the computer and leave but jokes on her.to the 6 people i love Nathan Gio Trinity Chloe Mom and Denise sorry but its just in the cards for me please know u are way better off without me please take care of each other. Now Dad Debra Destiny FUCK YOU I can only hope with all i am that 1 day u will all die slow painfull deaths i cant express how u 3 made my life the hell im bout to end this is all my fsult for trusting u 3 bye bye now!


I must explain more for the 6 listed  and if u are reading this email Ha Ha Ha im gone dead that is it show is over! finally! i hope u 3 feel a tenth of the pain u infickedon me……..I lost it all my kids my everything adict of anything and everything thats wrong and evil i know why my life is shit now and i continue to bring down anyone thats close to me- i might as well confess since ill be leaving the chances of being in some deep shit behind ya know how they say kill or be killed? well im here for the moment……. thanks Dad for showing me how little human life means and the fucked up morales and ethics and words of wisdom that you have ever so kindly passed down to me like ” if you are going to break the law do it the right way and dont get caught” this coming from a former federal agent please dont fuck Nathans head up and remember you have 2 grandsons not just 1 . Debrah you probably figured out a long time ago I dont like you never have you are a lying deceitfull homewrecking back stabing **** i can only hope i run into you before i off my self so i can fuck u off it will be nothing new to me thats for sure! And to my wife ( i didnt want to marry u i just did it for the girlies and to shut u the fuck up) where do i start you lost our girls cause your smack problem i hate u for not letting me adopt them and i took care of all the kids cause you were so fucking lazy and got “steressed out” with all 4 of them and when u went to jail we were perfect the Nathan and Gio had everything they wanted then knowing the stunt my dad pulled on me u took Gio and kept him from me? why would u do that to me after I gave you everything u ever wanted cars, house made for you, jewelery oh and i know what u did with your ingagement ring ($20k) everything u wanted u got period and this is the thanks i get from u and your family and im the bad guy huh well ur dad wouldnt have his beloved hummer if someone shell out 10k hmm who was that probaby the same guy that bought ur sister a car when she was broke as fuck and watched her son for the first 4 months of his life when she was off spending her hubbys cash while he was in Iraq.  Anyway you have taken and taken from me and allways put money above everything or else we would have the girlies and not the the guy u got knocked up by and bolted from u cause he knew u were unstable at best I could witre a fucking novel on how immotionally bankrupt u left me not to mention all the money and dope u stole from me(9 grand and 4 and a baby ring a bell) the 2  cars u traded for smack I HATE YOU  but hope you are being a good mom cause u have a lot of making up to do. PS thanks for introducing me to my downfall

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