I have a problem

  November 29th, 2009 by e0826e

Let me first say im just sad, not depressed or suicidal

just sad

alright here goes

my ex bf of 1.5 yr broke up with me a month ago, and it broke my heart, u see i really love this guy, more than anyone else, and my friend helped me through it. and we became very close.

a few weeks ago me and my ex got back together, i kne that he didnt love me any more or feel the same way ect. but he said he missed me, alot, and i really missed him, so we got back together.

Unfortunately for me i got alittle deeper in him and then its over again and once again he broke my heart

but this time its different

he likes my friend alot and she likes him alot, and she wont go out with him because i love him alot, and shes a good friend

i am guilty. because i want both of them to be happy, because i really love this guy and care about my friend, but i kno that she would go out with him if she could, but she wants to stay friends with me

i cant b her friend if she does that which will make me very upset, but its wrong for her to not go out with him u kno? i cant b her friend or at least a close friend cause id be jealous, more that jealous, it would hurt very bad

but im bing selfish right? but idw to loose my friend when i just lost the guy i love more than anything

oh and im his friend to, idk if that changes anything

well if i could have some input that would b great! and thats really it

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