suicide – almost ready…!

  November 9th, 2009 by suicideandme

I don’t see the purpose in continuing to live. What’s the point? As long as men act as they have, the world will continue to spiral downward, with no hope of ever getting better. Ever.

Men rape women, men, boys, girls, infants – even animals. The damage men do from the wars they start… from torturing other humans and animals for fun or a thrill, to humiliation of weaker or lesser beings, or the enslavement of others for sexual purposes or personal gain… The damage men do is mind boggling. Completely astounding.

Someone says something a man doesn’t like, he gets a gun and lots of ammo, and kills. A woman breaks up with a man for whatever reason. He’s emotionally ill equipped, so he kills her, her family, some of their neighbors and a couple of innocent bystanders. A man gets fired of laid off work, he kills as many people as he can at his prior place of work, regardless of whether the people he kills had anything to do with his being laid off. A man gets in a fight with this wife, and he kills his children because he know’s how much hurt it’ll cause his wife/the mother of his kids.

If someone “looks” gay, then a group of men will beat the living daylights out of them and enjoy every last minute of it. If a women is gay? They rape her to “teach her a lesson”; to break her of her gay habit.

Or maybe it’s that someone doesn’t use their turn signal, or drives too slow in the fast lane. How many men versus how many women commit road rage?

Men love “god” so much, he beheads people in his god’s name. Men can’t get dates, so they drug someone and take advantage. Men go over seas to have sex with 12 year olds becuase he knows that in some countries, he can do there what he cannot do here.

Men (priests) rape and molest young boys and girls, and what do other men do? They don’t tell anyone, then move the men to a new location so they can begin all over again, with a whole new set of victims. Of course, they wouldn’t tell the authorities – that’d never happen. Men don’t do that. Men wouldn’t do that. They’d let another man harm a child before they’d ever stop a man from doing evil to the most vulnerable and innocent of humans.

Look around at all the damage men do. All the world wars, all the killings for god… The recent economic crisis brought about by (mostly) greedy men with an insatiable appetite for money and power. How many companies have been brought to their knees by men and their inappropriate and selfish actions?

Now, in the technological age we live in, men use technology to spy and invade other’s lives – to hurt others because they can. Men use drugs to incapacitate others for their purposes. And men protect the men who do this. We all know this.

Why is no one is saying it? No one is speaking out about how most of the world’s worst problems are caused by men? We all know it’s true. Men will never stand up for good or do the right thing. Men will never refrain from harming others. They’re capable, but the easy (and to many men, the fun) thing is to hurt, cause pain, destroy…

There is no hope. Men will continue to desecrate, humiliate, kill and murder, mame, torture… All men are capable of is greed, selfishness and causing other’s harm for personal pleasure.

There is no hope. As long as men behave the way they have been, there is absolutely no hope. None whatsoever. I’m tired of a world constantly tainted by men who behave as they do.

I’d rather die than continue to be part of this mess. Men will rejoice, because they cannot take the truth spoken out loud. It matters not that I’ve spoken the truth. They only hear something they don’t like, so naturally will dismiss the truth of it. I will rejoice because I won’t ever have to deal with another mess that a man makes because he’s evil.

All will rejoice. Suicide is so the best thing for all parties. No more hurt, no more pain… No more men.

At least heaven will be filled with mostly women and children! There will be a man or two, and that’s ok. I’m sure I’ll be able to count the number of men in heaven on one hand. Maybe two. I expect heaven is a very large place. Heaven will be occupied by the innocent and the good – women and children. And I can live with that!

I can’t wait!!!!!

My will and advanced directives will be done tomorrow. ONE LAST DAY!

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