Do you fight for love???

  December 6th, 2009 by MayDarkSmith

I have been fighting to stay with my baby girl for a year now and now i have another one befor i am 18 and can finally be with her in peace!!! My mom does not like that i am a bisexual i guess and so she has done everything in her power to keep me from her, she has even sent me away in the hopes of keeping me away…i love my girl deeply….it’s so hard to hold onto something that you know that you can’t have…when im finally reunited with my love will it be beautiful or just a beautiful disaster because now that we are pulled away from eachother, over the next year we will be changing so…will we still love eachother??? I know i will always love her no matter what happens to me but i don’t know what she feels about this…she has already said once that maybe it’s not worth it…i just don’t want to loose her over this! She makes me so happy when she is in my life!!!

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