Is it Wrong?

  December 17th, 2009 by hmmm...

I am a 15 year old girl from New Zealand.
and i have had a prety bad year.
i take my ager and stress out with wwrighting songs and cutting.
but does any one understand why?
ive tried to explain, but i only get judged for my own life.
know one knows what i have been thro,
ive tried to explain it to my bes mate who cuts aswell, but even she could not help me, she judged me as well….so not even cutters understand each other..

i have drifted away from my whole family, i am never happy
i have been abused, threatened, and used.  i have been with 5 guys sexually, who have all used me just for sex.

my family makes medo everything around the house, and i dnt even get a lil thank you, today i vacumed the house and the office, washed 3 cars, cleaned 2 bathrooms, dusted the whole house, mum and dad came home and just started drinking, telling me that i had done nothing all day!!

Ino this might seem really childish and silly to every one else, but it has really got to me, its been appening since half way through 08 and i am sick and tired of get treated like shit!!

my friends have dis owned me, there are rumors going around about me, no one likes me, no one talks to me, party acros the road with all my old mates, my house got egged,paintballed and toilet papered!!
 havent done any thing wrong to these people and they still hate me for no reason!!

yes ino, this all sounds lame and pathetic, but being a 15year old girl, yu need friends,yu need family, you need some one to talk to,to help you through everything!

no one wud care if i took a gun to my head this very second! not even  my family….why has god put me here, im not ment to be.. if i was, prety stink life thats gonna end very soon!!

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