lost it all

  December 30th, 2009 by sissy

worked hard,three jobs,raising two kids,was hit in car wreck by 17 old boy. lost all three jobs within mins because one had m.s. one is a quad perapliject …and couple in wheel chairs….i was a caregiver, went to school i have my medical assitant cert. i am now on disibility due to the wreck but when i only receive 814.00 a month and my rent is 995.00 ~~~ it just dont add i have 3 days to pay 469.00 pg&e bill…..i have attorney but who knows when lawsuit will be over…think my landlady cares….no she wants her rent and think pg&e cares no…..internet & cable due to be shut off anytime, and cell phone & to top it off i own two cars that i cant afford to insure,tag or get back on the road….lost my temper and threw my cell and brusted winshield/ because lazy family menbers calling and texting wanting me to go do this do that….whenever NONE of them do for me UNLESS they are getting something for themselves.. never worked so hard to lose it all so fast & im so tired of everybody all up in my business….telling me what im doing wrong when they dont work,lay around & act like the world owes them…..i just want to give give i been lied to…….stole from….ect. CAN’T TAKE NO MORE !!!!

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