Magic Pills.

  December 19th, 2009 by Fml

I stopped seeing my psychiatrist and psychologist because I thought I was better. I went cold turkey and suddenly stopped taking 225mg Venlafaxine a day and the 10mg Zyprexa (Anti Depression and Anti Psychotic Medications). It worked. Its been 2 years since taking them, and I think I just realised that nothing has changed. I never got better. Just deluded thoughts kept me going.

If it is any use to anyone – If a doctor trys to give you Zyprexa…. dont take it. do yourself a favour. I hit the point I would take any help I could get. Anti psychotic? Sure, throw me it, it might work.

Lets be honest, the little white pill is not going to suddenly make your life better.

Friends – Thats what gets you through things, whether they be in real life or through the internet.

I like the real life ones, my self destructive personality ensures this dont work though.

I dont even know why Im writing this.

If anyone is up for talking via msn, let me know.   Ill add you.

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