Miserable life

  December 28th, 2009 by twitchn

I am now 18 years old, living with my parrents in Ohio. My parrents never really did anything with me especially my father. I am an outcast from my school, and have no real friends when i was `16 i withdrew from people and started playing a game called Second Life(a type of online chatting software). It was amazing how much better this made me feel. i met people and made friends, and it quickly became an addiction. Recently though i havent had anyone to talk to there either. People avoid me in both lives. i have come closer and closer to pulling out one of our family guns.  i know that no one would miss me and within several days i would be forgotten.  almost nightly i cry, and i can barely take it anymore. I have become extremely bitter at everything i have noticed. i really dont know what to think anymore

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