poems and promises

  December 30th, 2009 by Annie

ive written on here once you may rebember me from the post “if you care please read!!”

ive decided on something. ive read through comments and posts and decided on something, if i ended my life, i would end up hurting everyone who has ever cared. about a week ago i made a promise to my self that i wont end my life until i am sure, i will go on with the old plans of my life with a couple of new additions.

first i will find out if the person i love loves me back.

second i will start a few extra curiccular activities to help distract me from any thoughts of suicide

i also have been working hard to raise money to save panda and polar bears.

i have also wrote a poem to help people like  me.

here it is:

The feeling of death

The feelings of anger and sadness rush through my skull,

Nothing may ever help me feel whole,

While i wonder and ponder and think,

I still have to go to this shrink,

Always ask me why,

It’s because of my new aliby,

Maybe some day death and despair,

Will some how no longer haunt the air,

But until then i will still feel,

like i am on the spinning wheel.


did you likee the poem? I am hoping to make a poetry book about suicide and if this is any good i will want to publish it.☺




She burns the path before our eyes,
She hurts us  after one too many tries
She  kills all in her path,
And we must  face the aftermath,
She will never ever tire
And thats all because she is fire
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