Shuld I just do it now

  December 20th, 2009 by ugly

I woke up 2day and look in the miror and said 2my self “ur so ugly how culd any1 love or evan like u” and I got so angrey wid my self I smashed the miror luckaly my parents where asleep up steers coz if they new I broke it I wuld be in some deeper shit that I am already in now, y do I have 2 b ugly I hate my self so much I wish I culd just drop dead I’ve asked god 2 kill me but he never answered I almost kill myself last night with a knife but I chikend out see I’m also a big ugly fauila I can never do any thing there’s no point of me bing on this earth mayb I shuld overe dose myself with drugs!!!! No1 wuld care

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