Darkness in my heart

  January 24th, 2010 by Entity

There is darkness in my heart
Which is tearing me apart
Can I love it? No I hate it!
No one in this world can really stand it

Days are passing, nights are coming
And heart in my chest is crying
No one hears it, no one cares
Is there no hope in this place?

My dark secret I must hide
Razor blade will be my bride
She is cute and she is nice
She is curing my soul twice

One for control over it
One for comfort, so that’s it!
I’m bleeding, you can trust
Now I don’t care for the most

Most of the things I have lost
No one cared, now I’m ghost.

I wrote this short poem today. I think it can describe my feelings and desires better than ordinary speech. I’m feeling like my life is going downhill and I can’t stop it. Months of the sadness made it’s work and now the fall is too fast. First I have lost all desire in things that used to make me little bit happier before. Then I started to supress my feelings no matter what’s the cost. And now I’m writing the poems. Jesus, what will be next? I see where it all end. Maybe there is a life net waiting to save me in the very last moment. But question is “Do I want it?”

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