Glowing Mask

  January 9th, 2010 by hitlerschild

She looks so happy. She sounds so proud. Her laugh is so rich, it makes you laugh with her. Her face glows, like the morning sun. Her smile; so bright, so welcoming. Her heart feels like home to others. But for her, its just hell. She welcomes you with arms wide open, and you embrace her. But only for a while, for you must go. Leaving her behind, as though you were never even there. And so she hides herself, behind this glowing mask.
Her happiness is a mask for her hurt. Her pride is a mask for her guilt and regrets. Her rich laughter is a mask for her urge to burst into tears. Her smile is a mask covering her broken heart. What she doesnt show the world, is the pain she feels when she wakes up every morning. The tears she cries at night, when she is begging who we all call “God”, to end it all. The hunger for help, that hides deep within her eyes. But how can she let all that out without breaking? She cant. So she feels, with the thought that  she will never touch, or be touched again. She loves, with the thought that she will never be loved back. She breathes slowly, each time with hope that one of these times, it will finally be her last.
The world will never see what she sees. Because she sees the world, from behind a glowing mask.

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