I cant take it

  January 27th, 2010 by BrokenSpirit

im tired, worn out, dont feel like going on. no one cares, they simply hide behind false smiles. i put on this facade everyday that im alright, but then i just sit and laugh as people go about their daily lives, seemingly care free. i was depressed, and sent to a rehab center, and there i was molested by a security guard, everyone thinks it only happens to girls, that B/S. i just want the nightmares to stop, for the pain to go away, and there is only one thing that can take it away. im just tired, i want this to be done. im just so sick of people saying cheer up, youll be ok. I WILL NOT BE OK! i cant do this anymore……. i just want to feel nothing, numbness that will make me feel safe. what have i done do diserve this? what did i do to hurt everyone so much that ive been given this pain? i just want to go back to the way my life used to be, back when i was happy. it seems like it was so many years ago. i havnt smiled in so long, and its been even longer since ive laughed. is there anyone who can save me from this horrible pain?

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