I just washed up here

  January 7th, 2010 by A FREAK

So this is my post. Im 15, and half dead. This is the only place i can find to talk about my feelings. I had a friend who I first told was suicidal and at the time he became my best friend and helped me. But now he has seemed to have gotten anoyed with helping me. I have become a burden to him it seems. Im still his friend I guess, but I sometimes wonder if he helped me only because he felt sorry for me and thought this was just a phase. He was my last hope, and now he is starting to slip away. Everyone else thinks im a freak. I have aspergers which is a mental dissability thats screws up your social skills. It does much more than that too. Its a form of high funtioning autism you see. I feel different from everybody in the world. I cant get support from my parents because they….. well wont give it lol. They think their being good parents. At first I thought that they didnt know. But they started talking about it. That made me hate them. The yelled at me for felling sad. My mom makes fun of me for going to my friends for help “your a baby” she says. Well im failing schoolof course, and I go to a private school and if i dont pull above a 1.8 in three weeks they kick me out. The only time I see my one support friend is at school, and I might be cut off from that too. Things are getting worse by the day. How long can I last? Do any of you have a story like me?

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