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  January 4th, 2010 by xSatanx

I was once just like any other person who comes to a site like this longing for death well that all changed and now i know what your thinking at this point o no not another Jesus freak or someone who is going to tell us that we shouldn’t feel this way any more well thats not what im here for so like i was saying it all changed when i had a child with a beautiful girl it was boy and he is the greatest thing that ever happened to me well i just found out a few days ago i have cancer its rapidly spreading and the doctors have little hope that im going to make it. Now for what i came here to say i know your feeling like your about to fall off the edge of the world or no one is there for you or your the emptiest you have ever felt in your life but pleas im begging you try to fix it i let it fix it self i let the solution find me and now ive wasted years of my life i wish i had looked for a solution sooner instead of drowning in a pool of self pity that was my life and dont think hey im young i have time to find a solution to my depression or better yet i have time to let the solution find me because im 18 years old and dying of cancer if you need help please email me @ and ill do my best i plan on dedicating whats left of my life to trying to help people like i was and to making sure my son remembers me or at least has a chance to see who i was if you email me hear and you get no response ive past on if this happens pleas take the time to shed a tear for me and the son ive left thank you for reading this

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