These Darkened Streets.

  January 26th, 2010 by GetLive810

I walk these darkened streets.
Full of death and deceit.
Every smile holds a bold faced lie.
Nothing is real.
This facade will surely be over soon.

I walk with an emptiness inside me.
A pain too great but I have to let it be.
Someone has to save me from myself.
But there’s no hero in this town.

This pain is all to real.
Sometimes it’s too hard to deal.
Everyday just passes by.
I just want to forget my name and say goodbye.

I open my eyes and look around.
Nobody is there.
So, alone and so scared.
I try to run but all I do is fall.
I yell but nobody hears my call.

Why did I deserve this pain?
All along I never had anything to gain.
This sadness can drive a man insane.

These darkened streets have become my home.
I’ll have to walk through this darkness alone.
Maybe one day I won’t be so cold.

I ran across this site and have been reading the posts. I myself have terrible depression. I’ve tried killing myself twice. The second time Almost succeeding but the cop that found me took me straight to the hospital. It’s been a few months now since and I just can’t shake the feelings I still have. I’m trying so hard not to do it again but it’s really hard. I wish I could have the strength. I need it so bad. I just want to be happy. Is that too much to ask for?

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