What the Fuck is IT all For Anyway?

  January 21st, 2010 by Selfish

You know some people believe that we chose this life. That before we were born and still in a spiritual existence we chose the parents we would be born to and even the specific traits that we will possess as individuals. Even if you have some type of debilitating disease or deformity. Everything. Right down to the life circumstances and the people who will surround you (we choose each other of course in this regard). And the reason is because we are all in reality God. The purpose of all of this is God or the Creator seeking to experience many different identities. But it’s not just humans. It’s cat’s dogs, the trees the leaves the grass. Everything. Everything in existence has “this breath of life” from the source and the ultimate goal is to reach a state of love in the physical realm. Because that is what the creator essentially is. Love. And it is most difficult to reach this level in the state we are in. Also it is the most difficult for humans because we are the truest expression of individuality. So life is like this really advanced university that we have agreed and actually wanted to attend to better ourselves because it betters the whole. Or something like that.

You know I kind of believe all of this. But it doesn’t make me feel that much better. But maybe it will make someone else feel better.

It makes more sense to me than Christianity.

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