Who am I ?

  January 30th, 2010 by annadawn

I’ve thought about death. I haven’t thought about killing myself yet but i’ve thought how it would be like after i die. I don’t want to kill myself but it feels like the only answer I’ve got. I’m not happy. I’ve tried smiling at everyone but it just seems like a waste of time. It does not make me happy. My grades have dropped . My friend s think I’m stupid. I’m useless. I love God but I don’t have the insurance’s that his there. What if my Gods not real. What if Jesus is not there? I feel terrible even thinking about these things. What if all of man kind is fighting to go to somewhere wonderful after death but there’s nowhere……nothing….zero….? I can’t live like this…My parents say I’m a disappointment. My sisters say Ive got no brains and Everything would be better after i die. On Monday I’m going to the counselor….Shes my last hope….Save me!! Tell me there’s something to live for!!! I wanna live for God!!! But how!!! I can’t act!! I can’t sing!!! I can’t even communicate to him!!! I’m so down all the time…..ALL THE TIME!!!

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