Why am i hearing these things.

  January 17th, 2010 by ashley11

Why am i hearing things in my head, In the middle of no where, In class, when im sleeping, Talking to friends ” You don’t mean anything to anyone, Just go die ” I hear them every SINGLE day! I know i have to mean something.. Don’t i? I see things every day, On the news, In books, In real life. People cutting, Hanging, killing, Themselfs. I feel like i have to. I have PTSD. I’ve gone through sisters boyfriends getting hit by cars. People dieing from cancer i’ve known, People just DIEING. I’ve always thought about killing myself, But i don’t have the guts to do it. My friends treat me like shit, And i can’t take it, My family always blames me, And i feel like no one loves me. People say they love me, But i doubt they do. I’ve always felt like cutting, But i thought someone would find out. I just couldn’t take anymore pain, I’ve always thought about killing myself, But those voices say ” Don’t do it, People will talk, And your family will die in pain” And i can’t take it, I tell my mom theres something wrong, And she says there isnt. What can i do..

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