Your mistakes do not define you now They tell you who you’re not

  January 18th, 2010 by chaos

Help me, Someone please sell me life, tell me the purpose to continue living I don’t want to end this I know there is alot ill miss but I cant think of anything of great importance to keep me here I’m an emotionless shell I’ve mastered faking that I’m always happy but behind this mask I’m breaking down, I’ve made many mistakes in my life I just turned 18 and i fear I’ve messed up to bad to continue on, I’m grade 12 still in grade 10 classes not because the works hard or anything just my fault of not going I just stoped caring one day and started going to school a few times a month I wanted to go but had no motivation no motivation of life to make me want to go I just need someone to give me a reason to go on, why should I live this life

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