Bruises and fears.

  February 25th, 2010 by Namine

I’ve had enough of trying.. Every day again i walk into class smiling everyone who knows me thinks im a very happy little girl. Well, the thruth is i am not. I’ve had trouble all my life. At home they always yell, always. On school i recently broke up with my best friends and now everyone can go to hell im not trying anymore. Everything has gone wrong in my life.. My only hobbies are reading and gaming thats about all i do these days even in class.. Im playing with my phone behind the books. I just hate the feeling that im hated and not wanted. I don’t belong here, this world, this place. Its burning me down everytime i smile and say im’okay’ everytime i don’t go to school because of this… If i’d get my hands on a gun, i’d pull the triger.

These might actually be the last things i’ll say before i dissapear.

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