didnt help

  February 5th, 2010 by mellz

I posted earlier today or last night don’t really know what time but for the frist time I tried to talk to some one about how I feel. I talk to my cousin I told him how I hate my self and wanna die aand how I tired every single time I can. He understand and gave me good adivce but it honestly didn’t help at all I hate feel like such a messs like nothin useless I was hopin that talkin to him would make me stop feeling like this but it didn’t help at all I told him it did so he can feel like am ok and won’t worry but it didn’t hate this I just want to end it and and feel peace I want to go a jump off the roof right now I don’t know whhy am feeling like this. My cousin said it might be cause I like guys treat me like a pieace of meat cause I have sex a lot n say I don’t care but honestly its not that I don’t think its that cause I don’t think about that at all. I don’t think about much just that I feel like I waste of meat here in this wworld. Am afraid to be alone but that’s where I belong alone cause I feel like no one want me around and I like I don’t care but I do. Am here sayin all of this to strangers and cryin cause I have no one to talk to. Oh god am patheic

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