I Shouldn’t Feel This Way.

  February 21st, 2010 by xMandyMoneyx

What the hell… I’m so tired of this. Everybody says they care.. everybody says oh Amanda.. I love you, I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you… and yet.. go and talk shit.. GO AND SAY SHIT ABOUT ME TO RUIN ME.. and they know they can do it SO easily. Take away the people who care.. and just turn them against me. I once had a person in my life.. who.. I could go to with anything in the whole entire world.. the person I could trust with my absolute life.. we talked for so long.. and about EVERYTHING.. and I… I loved him a lot.. so we dated.. for 2 weeks.. and then cheated on me with his ex… and I was crushed.. I still want to die.. I know.. its not worth it.. but I gave him everything I had.. even now the people who care.. are turning around and back stabbing me, and I can’t stand this.. IM IN 8TH FRIGGEN GRADE.. and I dont care what you think about me, cause I know what I know, and I feel what I feel.. I shouldn’t feel this way… even if I deserve it..

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