February 8th, 2010 by mermaid

Hi- stumbled across this today. Had a hard life growing up, Mom a schizoprenic, dad an alcoholic, murdered in jail at the age of 46. So lot’s of people had it tough too I guess. Did all the right things, went to college, got married, had a house, dogs, and husband.

Had a good paying professional career. Got divorced, bought my own place, got laid off, lost my house, sold all my stuff, moved to a different state to start over. Credit ruined now. I live in an extended stay hotel. I look for work but am so damned depressed I would pay someone to kill me if I had the money. Oh, slipped and broke 2/4 fingers on my left hand last month too (I’m a southpaw). Running out of money. Ran out of hope last month. Prayers have not worked. Maybe I’ll get hit by a bus. The former middle class thanks you George B.

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