Not Suicidal Today

  February 1st, 2010 by SleepingintheNothing

Hello, I’ve posted here before. My name is “SleepingIntheNothing”
I talked before how everything seems pointless to me and I don’t understand anything. I always research why people do the things they do ect. Have been feeling better the last few days. Have been learning a lot about art, and philosophy ect. Sometimes I have a mental problem where I can’t concentrate on anything because of random and unpredictable panic attacks. I just started reading “Sophie’s World” and it is quite an interesting book about philosophical concepts and the meaning of the world. Anyone read it before?
Now I understand that it is pretty normal to question life and find out why things are the way they are. There is a lot to learn though I don’t always know where to start…Especially if I am having a horrible day…But I had a good day today. And I wanted to write it down so I can remember it 🙂

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