Military Suicide

  February 13th, 2010 by Depressed Marine

Im a 22 year old Marine looking for ways to make a suicide look like an accident. The reason behind why it has to be an accident is so my sister and her kids would be able to receive my life insurance. I’ve been to Iraq and Afghanastan and have been call upon, and have took multiple lifes.  When it comes to my own life however I just can’t seem to do it.  I’ve thought about a drug overdose but I don’t know if that would work because I’m in the military. There might be some kind of void in the insurance if that was the case. My other idea even though how stupid it my sound is to tell my friends im going to the beach on base.  Ill go in regular clothes and just wear some shorts under my pants.  Ill leave my clothes on the beach with my wallet and phone in my pants. Ill get on a surf board and go far into the ocean. Im not a very good swimmer so I would just jump in and swim as far away from the boat or board and eventually drown.  Sooner or later someone would stumble upon my clothes or my friends would come looking for me. My ID would be in my wallet and  I’m hoping they would think it was an accidental drowning seeming that I left my personel contents on the beach and told my friends I would be there.  I would do drug OD but that might void the contract.     If you have and comments or idea’s email me at or post a comment.

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