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Trust me, you wouldn’t care…

by lunasdeathwatch

I try to downplay what I feel. Or I try to make it more than it’s worth. People know me to have so much depth, never giving me a break from their expectations. At least they’re starting to give up on me. I do martial arts, I sing, I dance, I write, I’m always obsessed with something, and I’m always depressed…. But, I never, ever cry.

People used to love saying “Let me pray for you” or “Jesus will help you” I used to hear that shit all the time until I told my teacher to fuck off. It’s actually kind of funny since she’s my cousin and my other cousin is the pastor at hell… I mean the Christian Academy. I got suspended and then I just withdrew. I wasn’t prepared to give an apology to someone who thinks gays are going to rot in hell. I wasn’t even Christian! I’m a Hindu! I respect Christianity and I used to be a Catholic but I wasn’t satisfied with it. And I swear I will tear into any Jesus freaks who try to convert me! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

But, anyways, everything has been peaceful. My dad is worried about me, he thinks I have been depressed lately. I’m like “where the fuck have you been? Of course I’m depressed!” I’m a 13 yearold gay Hindu who lives in the USA where there is no guys for me to date since I’m a freaky little isolated brat! No body could ever like me seeing as all the guys I have dated were either freaked out or just wanted a piece of my ass! And God knows just because I act like a slut from time to time doesn’t mean I’m a whore!

Thank God I’m homeschooled! Can you imagine someone as emotionally unstable as me going into a public school? Those people would be terrified! I used to go to both public and the 2nd most expensive private schools in my city. I used to cry all the time and I used cut (I stopped!) and I used to scream in the principals faces and call the teachers bitches (They always found out since I always told the “perfect” preppy bitches what I thought)

Anyway… That’s all for now…. If I think of something else you will be the last to know. I have many executives in my head that need to hear my thoughts before they are sent to my fingertips (Yes, I really am that insane)

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