use less

  February 4th, 2010 by mellz

I am 19 years old, since I was 14 I been feeling like am very use less in this world like am a waste of a body here. I haven’t accoplished anything in my life. I feel like the only reason am here is so people would look at me n feel better about there life and so I can suffer every single hour of my life. I have tired none stop to kill myself. I think about ending it every day. No one knows how I feel and no would understand I keep everything to my slef until today. To everyone I look happy I look like I love my life but its an act in side am crying and misreable I hate everything about my life and my self. I don’t blame any one for how I feel its just how it is. I read some where that someone said that they are not afraid to die that they are afraid to live and I so agree with them I feel the same way.

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