Communicating out of Darkness

  March 21st, 2010 by MJBG

Sometimes our minds are pervaded with darkness, and our light is obscured and hidden, and at these times it can seem impossible to find our way back to peace and light.

For many of this world the opportunities to communicate from an inner perspective of peace, protection and safety can be extremely difficult for days, weeks, months, years or even an entire lifetime. This can be as a result of depression, mental illness, medications, dependencies and autism.

Within each of our minds, and within the minds of those most troubled and suffering exists a yearning wish to be understood, accepted and embraced.

And for those residing in fear and darkness the opportunities to find a person who can initiate a spark of connection and communication can be so very rare.

For when one is residing in darkness, the potentials for inspirational and connecting communications are reduced and limited to the minimum, from both the sides of those seeking connection and also from those inhabiting the corridors of tumult and confusion.

As the opportunities for potential connection reduce, due to insecurity, inhibitions and fear, the means of offering a lifeline of shared enthusiasm and optimism, or even a connection of shared pessimism and fear, become less likely, and this can precipitate a lifetime of abandonment.

But between all minds there are shared and common paths, and the means of discovering these entails the art of listening. Listening not only with your ears, but with your heart and mind, achieved by not forming answers and judgements to another’s situation, but by allowing another’s expressions, feelings and words to enter you – fully… To allow a non-judgemental empathy to arise within your own mind.

For when we choose to listen, fully, we begin not only to hear words, but we become aware of body languages, the tonal qualities of the voice, and the expressive mediums of timing, pausing and phrasing – a full picture is being revealed, if we choose to see.

Upon receipt of expressive communication, the potential for mind bridging arises as an understanding and linking between the deeper privacies of each person becomes softly apparent and unfolding, and the tender and vulnerable paths of connective absorption can begin to flourish.

Within the mind of the listener a desire for haste and interjection can instinctively be aroused, but if a soft determination to maintain open listening can be observed, non-interference will continue to engender a continuous expressive flow of communications.

From this flow, the opportunity for a path out from the heart of darkness is created, and from the heart of the listener, the warmth of love, empathy and hope can be expressed and offered – a bridge from the dark into the light.

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