March 9th, 2010 by blahblahblah123

everyone deserves to be loved. no one should go through the pain i suffer through. its not fair for one person to have everything, caring family, friends, lovers, supporters. and then i have nothing. i work so hard on being happy. i have no friends, they all abandoned me. i have no family. my mom hates me. she just told me i cant ever come to her house again, even thogh she knows i have absolutely no where else to go. if it wasnt for my boyfriend, i would be dead now. but things arent looking good for us anymore. going in depth and typing out all of my problems in my world will not solve anything. and honestly i just have way toooooo many problems. im here to say that instead of color, all i see is grayness. its like im dull now and theres nothing left of me. i can no longer take the pain from my peers.. if they want me to die, like im sure they do, or they would be nice to me, then they get their way finally. i am done with feeling soooo sad over a simple thing like being loved. i feel used, abused and fed up. there is not one thing to live for. there hasnt been my whole life. i am nineteen. and done.

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