March 15th, 2010 by idontevenknow

so i’ll be 16 in one month. i just recently fell in love and all that stupid nonsense. i was dumped;;heartbroken. now im depressed and lonely. i try to move on…and i try to get other people to like/want me…not working for me. im not too ugly. i have pretty blue eyes…i used to be liked by a lot of people..but now, im not good enough for anyone i like?  i still love my ex. i gave him EVERYTHING you could think of. my heart,my love,my soul,my life, i gave up friends and family for him, and most of all, my virginity. it hurts so bad. i cant NOT want him. but i want to be able to move on if he doesnt want me. we’re still close…but i want more. he is my BEST friend…but i want MORE. i want him to be my everything again.. but i love him so much. and if not being with me makes him happy, then thats what i want for him. i want him happy. but im miserable, st best to say.. i want to die. i wish everything would go away. or be like it used to be.. help?

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