hmm. im new so comments would be nice.

  March 19th, 2010 by lilmizzusetobefunk

hi im new. im young and i feels stressed all the time. the weight never lets up. hearing “dont give up” makes me want to hurl. i dont believe i can be fixed. i dont want to tell anyone.  life will still stay the same even if my thought change. you go to school to get stressed and go to college to get stressed to get a job to be stressed at so stress never goes away until your old and cant do anything but sit around.  plus im to chicken to actually commit the suicide action. this sucks. you guys probly al have tried something before and im just sitting her complaining.  im the little depressed girl right? the failure who tries to be an overacheiver but cant eve keep up in all the regular classes. whose mom wants to hold her back from honors because she knows her daughter will just cry all year because the teachers a little hard. whatever. i give up. lifes never gunna change.

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