i hate me, and everything.

  March 5th, 2010 by idontevenknow

i have been feeling this same depression for about5 or 6 months.im young, i should be happy, and having fun. hell, ima teenager. but yet, i want to curl up and die. and never ever open my eyes to this pain i keep feeling again. everyone tells you, “you’ll be okay, everything will get better and go away” i’ve came to the conclusion that they’re liars. and everything will never get better. i will never fully be happy like i want.i want to die and not have to wait for this to go away. my family hates me. my friends dont care. and the only person i thought i could trust, with everything..hates me now.. i dont quite now why neither. he just dont want me anymore. i gave him everything. my virginity, my heart, my world. he was and still is my everything. i will ALWAYS love him. people say..” your too young to know what love is” bull shit. obviously i do. because i love this boy with my whole entire heart. i would DIE for him if it meant he would be happy. iw ould rather him be happy without me, than be with me and be miserable. i need to go far far away.everyone says “move on, it’ll go away” its not that damn easy.. anyone got help??

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