my feelings

  March 19th, 2010 by shatteredheart

I’m living in a nightmare
I don’t know what to do
I’m haunted by the thought
Of you being through
My smile is non existent
My laughter is now tears
How could my life turn to this
After 3 happy years
Every night I pray
That I will wake up soon
If it never happens
I am headed toward doom.
I can’t stand the pain
I can’t stand the strife
Please now my love
Come back into my life
Six months I’ve been dreaming
I’m ready to wake up
From this haunting nightmare
Before I am corrupt

The smiles are fake
The tears are real
Its so easy to cover
The way that I feel
I pretend to be happy
I pretend that I’m fine
But inside I’m burning
Washed away with the tide
Whenever I see you
My hearts all a flutter
I love you so much
But the words I can’t mutter
I want to tell you
How much I care
About you so much
This is a nightmare
I wish I could wake up
And have everything fine
The scare would be over
And you would be mine

I tried to be your friend
But you made me blue
I’m going to a better place
Where I won’t think of you
Ill be around no longer
You won’t see me again
I hope that now you realize
That my life is now through
And its all bc I wanted to be friends with you

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