shanae’s story

  March 3rd, 2010 by brittneyme

Shanae’s story.

When shanae harper was just born her parents didnt want her because she had tourettes Syndrome and shanaes parents, Laurence and Amy promised themself, if they had a disabled daughter/son they put put her up for adoption. Amy harper was shocked to find out that her own daughter had tourettes Syndrome. When amy was pregnant, she done everything so nothing would go wrong with the baby, but for some reason shanae turned out disabled. Laurence decided to put her up for adoption,
Eventually, by the time shanae was 6, someone took her. They seemed like a nice couple, Taking a child who had Tourettes Syndrome, their names were Latiesha and Thomas, as they walked in the front door they smiled and said, “thank you so much for having us here, we really appreciate it”
About an hour later, they left with shantae and all of her belongings, packed it in their car. shantae didnt know what was happening, she was scared she started shaking, she was crying. she looked at latiesha and thomas and spoke in a loud voice, “I WANT MY MUMMMYYYY!” and Latiesha turned to her and said, “its ok shantae, im your new mummy, so you can call me mum”. Shanae just looked as in whats going on?

Probably About 3 years later, shanae already turned a big number 10! she was use to her new parents. but some reason latiesha and thomas got shanae whatever she wanted. she has the best room. it was like the size of a small house. Latiesha and Thomas always argued. but one night, it was really bad. shanae just sat in her room rocking back and forward on her bed taking her tablets that she needs because she has Tourettes Syndrome. But the bad thing is, she was over dosing. she is only 10 and she didnt know what to do. so she kept taking them and taking them. and she thought if she kept taking them it would be better. But it was even worse. Shanae was Blanked out on the floor, twitching and white froth coming out of her mouth. her eyes rolled back in her head, and she was having a stroke!
While she was having a stroke, latiesha and thomas were still argueing and throwing stuff around the room. 20 minutes probably went by and latiesha decided to run into shanaes room to hide from thomas. When she got in there she seen shanae on the ground. laying there. like she was dead. latiesha looked in shock and screamed as loud as she could like someone was about to kill her. Thomas ran in the room and sed there you are. He seen shanae and then called 000.

Shanae woke up, she looked around. the room was unfamiliar, then latiesha said to thomas, shes awake darling. Shanae got up and yawned and said, “mum, dad, where am i, im scared, what am i doing here? what happened? help me mum, help me dad!” Thomas leaned over and said, “its ok, you took to many tablets”. Shanae said, “i dont remember anything at all. the only thing i remember is yous argueing and me crying on my bed”. Latiesha started crying, as she was crying thomas looked at her. then looked at Shanae, then Thomas said “shanae, we have decided we are giving you up, we dont want you to keep seeing us argueing and you dont deserve this. you dont deserve us. we are sorry but we have to give you away honey,” Shanae was in the hospital bed. not getting any of this. as she looked at her mum and dad, she looked at them and deep down she knew she didnt want to leave. but she couldnt decide. Latiesha hugged shanae tight in her arms and Whispered, “baby girl, please dont cry. it will make me cry even more. i didnt want to give you up. but we have to. the fights that go on. we dont want you to see us do it.” shanae’s eyes started watering. she looked at her mum and dad, and then she let it all out. she cried so much. her mums shirt was drenched. shanae stuttered and said, “please please dont let me go. i need you mum, i need you dad, if i dont have yous then ill have nothing. i need yous like yous need me. wait, yous still want me. riight?” Latiesha looked at shanae and said, “well”, then thomas jumped in and said, “yes yes of coarse we do shanae”

then about 6 months later, shanae had her stuff packed. and two more people named cage and shania came and took her, yeh shanae cried. she couldnt stop. her face was like she was sunburnt really badly. her eyes were swallen from the dreadful tears. as she got in the car, she turned back and seen latiesha and thomas crying and waving, and yelling out “we love you shanae, dont forget us”

But about 5 years passed, and shanae had a new school. new hair, new clothes. new taste in music, new house, well new life. but the bad thing was, she was getting treated like shit. her parents were drug addicted and didnt care about shanae at all. shanae was use to it. but she was teased to the max at school. and she was in 9th grade. she didnt have tourettes as bad anymore because she took an operation. she only got tourettes when she was really angry.
One night, her parents had exticy and she seen it all happen and her dad was dragging her mum down the hallway by her hair. and he cut her fingers off and there was blood everywhere. shanae wanted to call the police but she couldnt because she left her phone in her mums bedroom and the home phone was broken. So she was in her room, so she got up and went to the bathroom which was next to her bedroom and she got scissors, and she cut her hair so short, and all uneven and her hair was black. her face was pale white. she had mascara running down her face. but she didnt care anymore. she put her hoodie on her head and walked out the door, she found some rope, and she went under her house which was a house on stilts and she tied the rope, and she was standing on a chair. and she put her neck in the hole, she made sure a letter was taped to her hand. and she kicked the chair from under herself. and she just dangled there. she had flash backs of her past and what her future could of been. she went purple, then orange then pale pale white.

the next day, shania went downstairs to clean up. and she seen poor shanae dangling there, shania screamed for her life. and she seen the letter taped to her hand. so she took it and she ran upstairs and said “CALL THE AMBULANCE NOW!” and then the ambulance got called and shanae got taken away. a few days later after all the silly nonsence, cage and shania sat down together and read the note, and this is what it said;

Shania, Cage, (mum, dad)
yous treated me like shit, you didnt care about me. you thought i was just a toy to play with. yous have got to much into drugs to care about me. and the fighting thats happened, i cant believe it. yous were nothing to me. yous didnt listen to anything i said, we lived in a dump. mum, your fingers got chopped off and you are still with that guy? if yous did love me please for me, stop the drugs. clean up a little. and stop fighting. i hanged myself because of yous. if i did it somewhere else i bet yous wouldnt even notice i was gone. i dont regret killing myself. i got teased at school because yous were such drug attics. im glad i died. and im going to heaven. and i hope yous go to hell yous son of a bitches.
oh, i did loveyou. and i wont ever forget you.
love from your adopted daughter, Shanae Graham.

oh, did i meantion thats the end of the story?

written by; brittney

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