A poem?

  April 9th, 2010 by L_O_S_E_R

Today I woke up feeling okay, I thought it might finally be a normal day. The sky outside, looked like it wouldn’t rain…But then as I looked a second time, the whole world turned to grey.

As if my very gaze polluted it, I can’t let myself be happy, can I? Should I, if I am so broken, be allowed to walk. I will step on the shards of broken glass that fall from my eyes to the floor in front of me. And when I slip and cut myself on them, I will watch my blood bleed..

Out onto the carpets that I was supposed to vacuum, out onto the hardwood floor, that wasn’t shining like it should.

Out into this world, my trail of blood will run. Creating a street that I will follow on my own time. It will pick its way through cities, full of people who hate me.

Meander its way around the corners of a thousand little shops, passing by the people who don’t have to suffer. Are they special? Am I?

I don’t know the answers, my blood will spell out in the street. It will cry its own tears, wishing for release. But like me it won’t be able to pluck up the courage to die, it’ll keep on rolling, and I will continue to cry.

No one will love it, and it will go alone. No one will whisper sweet condescending words. No one will comfort it and it will grow cold, until soon it is too ugly to love.

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