Choose something that will make you smile?

  April 17th, 2010 by searching for hope

sometimes we need distractions- they can save us from an amount of time that we spend thinking about everything and end up more depressed.
so i wanted to give some ideas. only for good intentions(: and i hope no one gets offended by some of them or anything like that.
*turning to God(:
*writing happy poetry
*watch a movie
*read a book
*search interesting stuff in the internet like… new creatures found, news about the world, planets, jokes, games, videos of tours around the world, nature, pix of the sky, space, stars, moon, planet, nature, flowers.
*then try to draw them?
*hug the people you love and tell them how much they mean to you
*sleep? since its late… 😉
*play an instrument
*spend time with your pet(s)
*talk with someone positive
*play video games
*be artistic
*read comic book
*invent a new twitch? lol jk
*take a bath? (:
*umm experiment with make up or your hair or clothing and take pictures bc u r beautiful
*smile bc u r still alive(:
*anything you enjoy… or always thought abt but never tried it and would like to try it (positive)
i hope this helps(: or at least got you out of your thoughts, even if you hate my post thingy. (:

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