I still think about it…

  April 26th, 2010 by smllbab

I wrote it a few months ago when I first started cutting. I thought maybe putting my feelings down on paper would help me deal with it in a healthier way. It didn’t make me stop but I do think it’s made a difference.

I draw the blade across my skin
The freshly sharpened blade sinks in
Drawing forth the flowing blood
Pumping through the veins within

I do not wish for death to come
Although this is the wish for some
I simply wish for great relief
Some feeling in eternal numb.

I feel the tears caress my cheeks
I search for the relief my soul seeks
I secretly pray for death to come
My skin is red from flowing streaks

I watch in awe until the end
I put away my dear old friend
Until tomorrows troubles bring
Me right back to this place again.

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