i think about suicide all the time

  April 23rd, 2010 by muggabubba

i think about suicide all the time my life sucks and i hate it .

i m still alive because of my family especially my mum

i hate my life everything is bad . I’ve been having hair loss for about a year now that’s one of the problems . I even have heart problems and i have about 1 month pregnancy and i still didn’t tell my boyfriend . I m 13 years of age i’ll be 14 soon . Sometimes i smoke because of stress and .

i hate my life so much. About a month ago i was going to jump off from a very high window from the school . But my friend stopped me sometimes i ask myself why does god hate me so much ? why does he have to give me all these problems i m still a 13 year old girl and i can’t handle all this on my own .

why do i have to live?

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