Life of freedom compared to life in prison

  April 9th, 2010 by loco123

see i just got out of prison in November and i have learned that life in prison is a lot easier than life on the streets see in prison you get three free meals a day free clothes free water and ice and don’t have to pay no bill’s or worrie   about anyone other than  your self see life in prison least for me was sweet i was making about 1000 dollars a week selling weed and kept at least 500 dollars worth of food coffee and tabacco in my locker at all time’s and i was getting high which i have did for so many years and then  it seemed like when i got out it was to hard to find a job and if i found one the money was not worth the work i had to do so money became a issue and then on top of that i get drug tested so i can’t smoke weed no more i did almost three years in prison and had every thing handed to me on a silver plater  on top of being one of the most biggest weed dealers in prison i was 3rd in command of over 300 gangster disciples so i did not even have to fight i had folks that would do that for me and now that i am out i really aint into the gang banging but it seems to me what people perceive as freedom aint really freedom because we got so many laws that stop us from doing what we really want to do and i am not talking about major stuff i am talking about little stuff say for instance i went jogging the other morning like i uselly do i get up about 5 and jog till 7 well i was jogging and the police came and asked me questions and told me i can’t jog at that time in the morning were does our freedom go we as people should be aloud to do what we want as long as we don’t step over certain laws but i figured a way to take my mind off all of that i start college the 19th of this month i am going for a degree in history and music i figure maybe i will be left alone by the police if i show them i can be a productive citizen of the the u.s.a. and all these bad thoughts about killing myself will go away because i will no longer want to die because i will have a reason to live well that’s basically all i had to say i would appreciate it if someone would comment back on this thanks for reading my feeling’s  yours truly,loco

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