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No Reason

I dont deserve to live. They took someone off life support because they thought he would die anyway. I couldnt do anything to sleepy from that medication they gave me. You could hear the scream when they took it away and gave it to me. He should have lived not me.


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ckk1195 4/10/2010 - 5:34 pm

i wish i could telll you something to make you feel differently and i know that this is not what you want to hear but for some reason or another you were meant to live

charlotte_intheskywithdiamonds 4/11/2010 - 4:47 pm

Thnx its just hard to face the fact that they killed someone for me..

77evergone77 4/11/2010 - 7:11 pm

They made a good choice. Though stupid and cruel to make go through somthing like that. You deserve to live. Just keep fighting and stay strong. I’m sure there are many others like me who want you to.

charlotte_intheskywithdiamonds 4/12/2010 - 4:01 pm

Thanks that makes me feel better and you have to live too.

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