none of the pros know what the fuck they’re doing

  April 1st, 2010 by janedoesez

the people who claim that it’s going to get better have no fucking idea what they’re talking about – exactly who are they talking about when they say it works – for some maybe – but they have no idea for whom it does or doesn’t work and they keep trying and probing – but really – they have no idea – so they’re doing it for themselves – THAT’s why they’re doing it – they have no fucking idea that while they keep us hanging on – it gets worse – hope – no hope – hope – no hope – hope – no hope – it’s really FUCKED UP – STOP saying you know what the fuck you’re doing – years of experience and training doesn’t mean a thing when it comes down to the individual – i went for help – but the system is so disparate – the people have no idea what they’re doing – and now i’m this systematized FUCKED UP mess that no one knows how to help because they all think they can help me – but they have no fucking idea

it’s enough so that if i didn’t want to kill myself before – i do now \


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